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This amazing cleaner contains 100% biodegradable cleaning agents plus banana and coconut oil.  The cleaner rinses film free; that's why it brings out 100% more sparkle, color and brilliance to your diamonds, cubic zirconia's, crystals, rhinestones, and all stones; opals radiate more fire, and pearls impart more luster.  It is mild enough for pearls, yet powerful enough to bring back that "brand new look" to all of your jewelry.
Our jewelry cleaning kit comes in a two-part system.  They include:
Professional Jewelry Cleaner - safe for fine jewelry, gold, platinum, silver, pearls, opals, soft stones, antique jewelry, costume jewelry and of course diamonds.
Tarnish Remover - Our cream is used for all types of metals. It can be used on not only gold, but on brass, bronze, copper, chrome, and sterling silver and on chains and watchbands. The polishing cream is also a professional tarnish remover without the harsh chemical smell.  Will not scratch or remove gold.  All natural biodegradable cream.
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